Boulder police free owl stuck in soccer goal netting

He hoots, he scores.

Boulder police on Wednesday morning were able to successfully free an owl that had gotten tangled up in a soccer goal at Pleasant View Soccer Fields at 3805 47th St.

Police think the bird was trying to score a meal rather than a goal, but somehow got caught in the netting instead.

The department posted a video on Twitter that shows the owl clicking its beak and swiveling its head to glare at the two wildlife officers trying to rescue it. The two animal control officers were able to use towels to corral the bird while they cut the netting loose.

“This owl must have been chasing a mouse early (Wednesday) morning at the Pleasant View Soccer Fields,” the department tweeted. “Instead of getting a mouse this owl literally scored a goal and got stuck. A shout out to our own Animal Protection Officers for rescuing this magnificent animal! ”

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh said the owl was transported to Birds of Prey in Broomfield for treatment.