California billboard vandalized to say: ‘We make kids disappear – ICE‘

California billboard is vandalized to read: ‘We make kids disappear – ICE‘ in latest scathing attack on family separations at the border

A activist group has vandalized a large billboard to accuse ICE of making children ‘disappear‘ in a scathing reference to the now abolished family-separation policy on the border.

The billboard overlooks Interstate 80 near San Francisco. It was put there by a junk removal company and originally said: ‘We make junk disappear‘ above their phone number – 1-800-Junk.

It features an image of a young girl screaming with her hands over her ears and towers over the busy road below. 

But in light of the controversial policy of separating children from their parents which has been universally condemned by liberals and dominated headlines for days, the activist group decided to change it. 

In what appeared to be the dead of the night, they climbed the billboard after switching off the electricity powering its light and used roller brushes to change the word ‘junk‘ to ‘kids‘ and the attribution. 

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They posted a video of their efforts on their website afterwards. 

It showed a handful of vandals dressed in hoodies climbing the billboard. 

A member of the group later told they decided to get involved because it‘s both a ‘hot topic‘ and something they feel ‘very strongly about‘. 

‘It extends beyond immigration and into a humanitarian issue, so we wanted to draw attention to that, empower the public and raise awareness on the topic itself,‘ they said. 

The president signed an executive order to end the policy this week after outcry from celebrities, public figures, religious leaders and world leaders. 

He has hammered home his argument that the policy predates his presidency and is a construct of the Obama administration. 

It has been estimated that 2,300 children have been separated from their parents or the adults bringing them into the country when they arrive at the US border. 

They are put in separate detention centers where they have been kept detained in caged areas. 

The junk removal company did not respond to DailyMail‘s inquiries on Friday morning.