Crypto Investors Taking a Closer Look at BCN (BCN)

Investors might be keeping a close eye on the cryptocurrency market today. Checking the latest data, we note that BCN (BCN) has recently hit the $0.00 level. Watching circulating supply levels, the currency has a value of 184066828814.00 with a market capitalization of 120303372. Over the last 24 hours, the volume reading is at 82645. Scanning some historical price data for BCN (BCN), we see that the cryptocurrency has moved -0.08% over the past 24 hours, and changed -7.99% over the prior 7 days.

Many investors are probably wondering if the cryptocurrency boom will eventually flame out or if it will turn into the next big thing. With all the current hype surrounding crypto, it may be difficult to understand the basics well enough to make any kind of educated projection on where the market is heading. Digital currency has indeed seemed to capture the imagination of investors all around the globe. Investors may have to soon decide whether they are going to allot a portion of their portfolios to cryptocurrency. Some people will argue that digital currency investing will be another way to add diversity to the portfolio. Others believe that it will eventually turn out to be a highly speculative and ultimately poor investment.

There are various advantages when discussing the current functionality of cryptocurrency. One advantage is that it allows for fast and easy payments between individuals. The transfer of money can be done between two people without an intermediary. Another advantage is the advanced security offered by the technology. Transactions are highly secured, and only the owner of a wallet can send or receive payments with it. A third advantage is the idea of low or non-existent processing fees. Banks and payment processing companies often charge fees for the transfer of funds, and this may be reduced or completely eliminated with the use of cryptocurrency.

There are also some disadvantages with the use of cryptocurrency. One drawback is that payments are irreversible. This means that because there is no centralized processing center, it may be impossible to dispute a transaction and receive a refund for a purchase. A second drawback is that there are a relatively low number of companies that will accept payment using digital currency such as Bitcoin. Of course this may change in the future, but under present conditions, this may limit the options of the buyer. Another current concern is the loss of a digital wallet. If currency is stored on a mobile device and is lost or tampered with, it is likely gone with no authority to call and report to.