Elvis Presley sings duet with daughter Lisa-Marie on new album

The King is back (again): Elvis Presley sings duet with daughter Lisa-Marie on new album four decades after he died

Elvis Presley will sing a duet with his daughter Lisa Marie more than four decades after he died.

Lisa Marie Presley has added her vocals to her father‘s recording of Where No One Stands Alone, which is the title track of a collection of 14 gospel hits recorded by The King.

The album will be released in August and features reworked accompaniment and vocals and is the 93rd posthumous compilation featuring Elvis.

Former collaboration artists Darlene Love, Cissy Houston, The Imperials and The Stamps all return to feature too.

Lisa Marie, 50, is Elvis and wife Priscilla‘s only child and is now eight years older than her father was when he died in 1977 at the age of just 42 following drug abuse.

‘It was a very powerful and moving experience to sing with my father,‘ she said.

‘The lyrics speak to me and touch my soul. I‘m certain that the lyrics spoke to my father in much the same way.‘

The record also features Darlene Love, who first sang with Elvis on his 1968 NBC television special, Dr. Cissy Houston, sang with Elvis on-stage beginning in 1969, Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray who performed on Elvis‘ How Great Thou Art album.

The title song won the 1967 Grammy for Best Sacred Performance.

Members of Elvis‘ longtime backup group, The Stamps, Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland have contributed.

Lisa Marie said of gospel music: ‘This was his favourite genre – no question about it. He seemed to be at his most passionate, and at peace while singing gospel.

‘He would truly come alive – whether he was singing just for himself and me at home, or on stage in front of thousands of fans.‘

The album‘s release comes as Lisa Marie is suing her ex-manager who she accused of paying himself an annual salary of more than $700,000 – while he was losing her $100 million fortune.

Barry Siegel ‘enriched himself with exorbitant fees‘, Presley claims new court documents filed at Los Angeles Superior Court in her lawsuit against Siegel and his company, Provident Financial Management.

She is accusing Siegel and his firm of running the $100 million trust fund her father set up for her ‘into the ground‘ to just $14,000 by ‘reckless and negligent‘ investments.

The largest investment was made in American Idol‘s holding company which ended up going bankrupt.

Siegel is counter-suing, demanding $800,000 in damages and insisting that Presley ‘squandered‘ away her fortune because of her ‘uncontrollable spending habits‘.