High Beta Spotted on The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE:THG) as It Hits 0.99!

Examining shares of The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE:THG), we can see that the stock has a current beta of 0.99. Checking in on current price action, company shares had recently touched 111.76. From the session open, shares have moved 1.31%. Investors will be watching to see how the stock reacts to market influences over the next few weeks. As we near the halfway point of the calendar year, investors may be trying to figure out if now is the time to get in on the name, or whether to wait for a better opportunity.

There are various types of investment philosophies that investors may choose to follow when approaching the stock market. Value investing involves searching for undervalued or bargain stocks that may eventually offer solid returns. Growth investors often buy companies that have highly promising growth potential. Some investors will choose to invest with a contrarian approach. This entails making investment decisions that are opposite of what the majority are doing, such as buying when everyone else is selling and vice-versa. Socially responsible investors may be searching for companies that subscribe to a high level of ethical or moral standards. 

We are also noting that The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE:THG) was recently seen trading -13.29% away from the 50-day high and 5.21% separated from the 50-day low. Taking a broader view, the current separation from the 52-week high is -14.97%, and the distance from the 52-week low is currently 9.77%. Let’s also look quickly at some analyst views on company shares. At the time of writing, the consensus target price for the company is $136.00. The consensus recommendation provided by covering sell-side analysts is currently 2.40. This number lands on a scale from 1 to 5. Following this scale, a rating of a 1 or a 2 would indicate a consensus Buy recommendation. A rating of 4 or 5 would represent a consensus Sell recommendation. A rating of 3 would indicate a Hold recommendation.

After a recent check, The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE:THG) shares have been seen trading -0.62% away from the 20-day moving average. Zooming out to the 50-day, we can see that shares are currently trading -4.61% off of that mark. Looking at the 200-day moving average, shares have been trading -5.58% away from that value. The moving average uses the sum of all of the previous closing prices over a certain time period and divides the result by the number of prices used in the calculation. Many investors will opt to use multiple time periods when examining moving averages. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators, and they may prove to be very useful for spotting peaks and troughs. They may also be used to help the trader calculate sturdy support and resistance levels for the stock.

Investors may be closely monitoring historical stock price performance in order to examine what has been happening with company shares. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers for The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE:THG). Stock price performance for the past week is currently noted at -1.10%. If we look back to the beginning of the calendar year, shares have performed 3.40%. Looking back over the past full-year, shares have performed 6.04%. Over the past month, the stock has performed -5.54%. Over the last quarter, the stock has performed -10.48%. Briefly looking at some recent volatility numbers, we can see that shares have been noted at 3.28% for the week, and 2.50% for the past month.

When it comes to investing, overconfidence can be detrimental to securing profits in the stock market. When investors have some early short-term wins, this may lead them to believe that it is their skill and superior knowledge that produced the winners. All though this may occasionally be the case, investors may quickly realize that it is very hard to consistently produce winning results. Sometimes a few wins can lead the investor to believe that they can make any trade work. This may create a situation where the individual gets in much deeper than they should have. Conducting the proper stock research before any trade can help the investor make sure that they are getting into a position for the right reasons.