Jennifer Aniston is happy being single after split from Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is happy being single after split from Justin Theroux

and may have their marriage in February, but the veteran actress isn’t dwelling on the past.

To the contrary, Aniston is reportedly happy and ready to move on with her life, according to .

A source close to the actress told the outlet: ‘She is very happy being single. She is focused on her own happiness.’

The actress and Theroux ended their marriage in February 2018 after just two years. Though they had been together for seven years.

Aniston has recently been seen out in public much more recently than in the immediate aftermath of her split from Theroux. She and former Friends costar Courtney Cox were recently spotted at dinner and at a benefit event for the National Resources Defense Council on June 2.

She’s also been seen hanging out with celebrity friends like and  as of late. 

She was also spotted in Montreal,  filming her new  movie Murder Mystery costarring Adam Sandler. Aniston and Sandler, who previously appeared in the 2011 romantic comedy Just Go With It, star in the film as a couple who become murder suspects following the death of a billionaire.  

Aniston also  just landed another new role for a Netflix show costarring Tig Notaro where she plays the first female President of the United States who also happens to be openly gay. 

Aniston will reportedly produce the new show alongside Notaro, Stephanie Allyne, screenwriter Adam McKay and veteran comedy actor Will Ferrell. 

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Aniston gained worldwide fame after being cast as Rachel Green in the popular sitcom Friends in 1994.

After the show ended in 2004, Aniston focused more on film, making appearances in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You in 2009, Horrible Bosses in 2011 and Horrible Bosses 2 in 2014. She also launched her own perfume line in 2010 and has taken up a number of philanthropic efforts, supporting charitable organizations like AmeriCares and donating to hurricane victims in 2017.

Aniston has often earned critical acclaim for her various roles, earning wins and nominations for the , , and others.

What is Jennifer Aniston’s net worth?

is approximately $220 million (£165.8 million).

Who is Justin Theroux?

Justin Theroux is an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker.

Theroux was born in Washington, D.C. on August 10, 1971.

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He made his silver screen debut in 1996’s I Shot Andy Warhol before later appearing in 2000’s American Psycho. He then appeared in 2001’s Mulholland Drive and Zoolander and 2006’s Inland Empire, while also working as a writer on films like 2008’s Tropic Thunder and 2010’s Iron Man 2. Theroux also starred in the HBO show The Leftovers from 2014 to 2017.

Over the course of his career, Theroux has been honored with accolade wins and nominations for the , , SAG Awards and others.

What is Justin Theroux’s net worth?

Per , Justin Theroux‘s  is thought to be about $20 million (£15 million).