Jennifer Lawrence apologized for calling Lala Kent a ‘c***‘ claims Vanderpump Rules star

Jennifer Lawrence apologized for calling Lala Kent a ‘c***‘ claims Vanderpump Rules star

has apologized for calling Lala Kent a ‘c***.‘

The 28-year-old Vanderpump Rules star made the revelation during an appearance on SiriusXM program The Jenny McCarthy show on Friday.

Lala had nothing but complimentary things to say about the Oscar winner, 27, as their feud has seemingly come to an end.

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The reality star said: ‘I actually received a very sweet email from her.

‘So I shake things off, I‘ve been called much worse than the c-word.‘

Lala said that she is a fan of Jennifer‘s work – especially Silver Linings Playbook – but being trashed by the A-lister especially stung.

She explained:  ‘For me it was more like I felt dumb because she‘s an A-list, Oscar-winning actress and I‘m like “oh that kind of hurt my feelings.”‘

The 45-year-old radio show host asked what the apology was like as Lala said: ‘This is how I knew it was organic because she said right after she said it that she wanted to punch herself right in the face.

‘I only see her on interviews and she‘s always so funny and that seems like it‘s something that would come out of her mouth. So I just thought it was a very stand-up thing for someone of her stature to do.‘

This comes just three months after Kent shockingly said that Lawrence was the ‘type of chick‘ who would have sex with Harvey Weinstein during a shock radio interview.

Kent made the comment back in March in an interview with Heather McDonald on herpodcast.

Lawrence, an avid Vanderpump Rules fan, called Lala a ‘c***‘ on Watch What Happens Live earlier this month, sparking a nasty public row.

DailyMail has reached out to Lawrence‘s reps for comment. 

During the course of the interview on Tuesday, McDonald asked Kent if she thought Lawrence had had sexual relations with the disgraced movie mogul. (Weinstein produced Silver Linings Playbook; Lawrence won her Oscar for her role in the film in 2013.)

According to , Lala replied: ‘Yeah, I think she‘s that type of chick.‘

She continued: ‘Well, here‘s the thing. Now any time you bring her up, like, I‘m going to have nothing nice to say about her. I‘m going say that she sucked everyone‘s d–ks to get to where she is. 

‘I‘m going to say that her hair sucks, her face is a little too pudgy, like she needs to stop the drinking, you know?‘

Lala described the actress as a ‘gross human being‘, and added: ‘Congratulations on two failed films in a row.‘

Lawrence‘s most recent films, including Passengers, Mother! and Red Sparrow, disappointed at the box office.

Lala added: ‘My man is in the movie business. It is now said that she is not as valuable, and she has to have another actor or actress to, like, get the numbers up.‘

(She was referencing her much older, recently divorced boyfriend Randall Emmett, 46, who is currently working on The Irishman with Martin Scorsese.)

She continued: ‘You‘re an A-list celebrity who makes more money than God, and you‘re like saying you support women and you‘re calling another woman the c-word that you‘ve never laid eyes on in person, never had a conversation with me.

‘I tried to not let it bug me, but it never feels good to be called that, on top of someone who is that big and grand and A-list and glamorous. It was kind of like, ‘That kind of hurt my feelings a little bit.‘‘

‘I think we‘ve come to the conclusion she sucks,‘ she said.

The American Hustle actress discussed Vanderpump Rules, one of her favorite shows, with WWHL host Andy Cohen last month.

When asked about Kent‘s friendship with the other Vanderpump stars, Lawrence said: ‘Lala‘s trying so hard to be nice and then she‘s like crying to her mom and then she‘s like a total b-tch … I‘m like, ‘B-tch you‘s a c-nt.‘

Lala said she was taken aback by Lawrence‘s comment. 

‘Not only did she call me the c-word, she went on and on making fun of me and my relationship with my mom. I‘m watching this like, ‘Is this A-list celebrity, who has Oscars, for real?‘ And then when she dropped the c-word, I was like, ‘Ok, honey, let‘s leave the trash to us reality TV personalities, don‘t be trying to take my job,‘‘ she said.

Lawrence has previously stated that Weinstein was ‘never inappropriate‘ with her, but she condemned his actions towards others. 

She was asked about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against him during a recent interview on 60 Minutes.

‘No, he was never inappropriate with me. But what he did is criminal and deplorable,‘ she said on the show.

‘And when it came out and I heard about it, I wanted to kill him. The way that he destroyed so many women‘s lives – I wanna see him in jail.‘

She also hit back after Weinstein name-dropped her, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Meryl Streep, in an effort to prove that not every actress he worked with had a negative experience. 

‘Harvey Weinstein and his company are continuing to do what they have always done which is to take things out of context and use them for their own benefit,‘ Lawrence said in a statement. 

‘This is what predators do, and it must stop.‘

She added: ‘For the record, while I was not victimized personally by Harvey Weinstein, I stand behind the women who have survived his terrible abuse and I applaud them in using all means necessary to bring him to justice whether through criminal or civil actions. Time‘s up.‘