Long commute for Ottawa motorists

Ottawa commuters spend an average of 84 minutes a day getting to work and school.

That’s the findings in a new report from U.K. based business solution company Expert Market on commute times in 74 cities around the world.

Ottawa sits 37th on the list for the worst commute times.

The report shows the average time spent commuting is 84 minutes in Ottawa. Transit riders in the capital spend 13 minutes waiting for a bus or train each day.  

Toronto has the sixth worst commute in the world. Motorists in Canada’s largest city spend an average of 96 minutes, both ways, commuting every day.

 Rio de Janeiro was ranked as the worst city in the world for commute times, followed by Bogota and San Paulo.

Nice, France was ranked as the best city in the world for commuting, followed by Cuenca, Ecuador.