Meghan King Edmonds reveals two-week-old baby Hart‘s health scare

Meghan King Edmonds reveals two-week-old baby Hart‘s health scare as she ‘sends love‘ to other sick babies

She welcomed her twin boys, Hayes and Hart, into the world on June 5.  

On Friday, Meghan King Edmonds made her social media followers aware of the  health scare she‘d experienced with baby Hart.

‘Even babies born at 37 weeks aren‘t truly considered ‘full term‘ and we had a scare with Hart‘s test results, but he got retested and is fine,‘ the 33-year-old reality star said in the post.

Meghan added: ‘My heart and prayers go out to all the families whose babies are experiencing any health hardships, waiting on results, or dealing with watching your baby in the hospital. You all are stronger than you know and I am sending you all the love I can muster.‘ 

Hart had high bilirubin levels — a condition that affects 80 percent of premature babies. 

Hyperbilirubinemia in infants leads to jaundice and the yellow discoloration of the skin and eyeballs. 

Meghan, who underwent IVF for both of her pregnancies, has her handful with two newborns.   

‘I mean, feeding two at the same time is, like, next level,‘ Edmonds told . ‘I just thought it would be so easy and it‘s not.‘ 

The St. Louis native is utilizing the help of a nanny, a night nurse, and her mom.  

The former Real Housewife of Orange County shares her twins with husband Jim Edmonds. They are also parents to daughter Aspen, age one. 

Jim has four other children from two previous marriages: Hayley Edmonds, Landon Edmonds, Lauren Edmonds, and Sutton Edmonds.