Mystery behind chilling figure ‘watching boy from mansion‘ window SOLVED

Louise Lenton was left terrified after spotting something eerie watching her five-year-old child doing laps around the car park in front of Oldway Mansion, in Paignton last week.

In the clip, the boy could be seen riding towards the front door of the building.

The camera then captured a “ghostly figure” watching his every move from a first-floor window.

Louise said she was left stunned by the clip.

SPOOKY: The footage was shared last week

“That day I was just admiring the young lad, learning to ride his bike”

Alex Warren

But after the footage was widely circulated online, it appears it was not the ghost of a pensioner after all, as suggested on social media.

Louise said at the time: “It looks like a lady with hair in a bun, with white cuffs around her hands.” 


But a security guard at the country house has now claimed he was indeed the figure, reports Mirror Online.

Alex Warren, who has worked at Oldway Mansion for four years, said: “I wear my black cardigan inside and my security coat for outside patrols.

“That day I was just admiring the young lad, learning to ride his bike.

“Hope this clears up the misunderstanding.

“There are, to my knowledge, no ghosts at Oldway, and I have worked days and nights here for over four years.”

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    Since the clip went viral, Twitter users speculated the figure could be tragic dancer Isadora Duncan.

    Isadora died in 1927 after a silk scarf she was wearing caught around the wheel of an open top car, breaking her neck.

    She was believed to have had an affair with millionaire Paris Singer – the son of the man who built Oldway Mansion