Russian singer Vlad Topalov takes photo of woman ice cream in London sparks fat-shaming row

Russian singer and his celebrity girlfriend in ‘fat- shaming‘ row after secretly photographing a woman buying ice cream in London and uploading it to Instagram

A Russian singer and his celebrity girlfriend have become embroiled in a ‘fat-shaming‘ row after secretly taking a photo of a woman buying an ice cream in .  

Former boy band star Vlad Topalov, 33, was in the capital with his TV presenter girlfriend when he posted a picture of himself with a local woman who was unaware she was being photographed.

His caption read: ‘I was hysterical when I watched how much ice cream she was buying !!! Well, really … why does she take so much? Honestly?‘ 

He was hit by an instant spate of outrage from his 141,000 subscribers, prompting him to delete the caption, and instead issue an ‘apology‘ that only made matters worse.

Meanwhile, his 28 year old girlfriend Regina Todorenko, a major Russian celebrity and signer who is suspected of taking the offensive picture, has remained conspicuously silent.

In his apology, the singer, pictured with Ukrainian-born Todorenko under Tower Bridge, claimed that women ‘MUST look good‘.

The former cocaine addict explained to his subscribers: ‘Being a mother and a wife are two MAIN functions of a woman, given to her by God and nature.

‘That is how I was brought up since childhood.‘

Of the anonymous woman he exposed to ridicule among his subscribers, he said: ‘The girl happened to be in the frame, and then I just saw how much (ice cream) she took and was surprised. No anger or mockery.‘

He was clearly unsettled by hostile comments from his followers and begged them to ‘be wiser and distinguish the humour from aggression‘.

He admitted he could have penned his insults ‘more softly‘ but claimed: ‘I‘m not such an idiot to humiliate someone in public.‘

But as one of 1,773 mainly outraged commenters told him, he has shown his ‘lack of education and ethics….

‘It is not she who causes disgust — but you.‘

He claimed other posts – not visible – attacked his family.

A translation of his extraordinary explanation – in full – reads: ‘Dear friends! Good morning. I would like to discuss the situation a little) I myself am terribly fat and, unfortunately, a glutton.

‘That‘s why I work hard in the gym for several hours every day!

‘I starve for weeks, so that later I can afford to eat normally, as we, for sure, love everything.

‘I did not intend to INSULT ANYONE. I myself am exactly the same! But!

‘Forgive me for my position, but I believe that a woman MUST look good!

‘Being a mother and a wife are two MAIN functions of a woman, given to her by God and nature. That is how I was brought up since childhood.

‘And I have enough examples when women STRIVE and work to match this.

‘I always spoke boldly and talk about my shortcomings and I‘m not afraid. I do not consider myself perfect.

‘I know that if you set a goal, you can always achieve it, even if it‘s not always easy.

‘We all have to struggle with ourselves every day to be in shape. Not only externally. And you all know that.

‘And yes, I believe that if there are problems with weight, then they need to be eliminated, and not eat it over.

‘I respect everyone and do not try to teach anyone. All have their own position and their view of life.

‘I just shared with you my point of view, which I will not deny, I‘m sorry.

‘You may not agree, but it is stupid to be rude in return especially in the direction of my family. Anyway, you can not hurt or offend me.

‘The girl was very nice and God grant her and you all good health. I just think that you can refrain from sweet in that case (smile).

‘If you did not notice, I myself also stood there and got myself a basin of sugar and safely devoured it, for which I now pay, having gained 5 kilos in four days.

‘I will find pictures where I am fat and share with you, so that you do not think that I‘m all so beautiful. I did not take pictures secretly.

‘The girl happened to be in the frame, and then I just saw how much she took and was surprised.

‘No anger or mockery. Be wiser and distinguish the humour from aggression.

‘I‘m not such an idiot to humiliate someone in public.

‘It could be written more softly, but I, frankly, was sure that you are wise and kind.

‘But you see what happened … wish to you all a good day and let‘s not swear!

‘There is enough malice and aggression in the world. Peace to your hearts!‘

The singer was hit by an attack by website Spletnik which warned him that his unguarded provocative comments ‘can sometimes cost both a career and a reputation‘.

The online women‘s magazine noted his ‘former fans‘ accused him of ‘body shaming and sexism‘.

One comment told him bluntly: ‘You are the freak.‘ Another said: ‘I feel so offended for the girl.

‘She was standing there and did not touch anyone, and she was vilely secretly photographed and derided in such a way.

‘Low and disgusting. Vlad, believe me, not everyone likes you. Take the crown from your head.‘

A user called vikki_puh told him: ‘You yurself and poured out this anger and aggression.

‘What difference does it make who, what and how much someone eats. Put your opinion in one place.

‘To post on public display a photo with a person you do not know, and who did not allow you to do it, is very low and mean.

‘You‘re disgusting and this proved it. Do not try to justify yourself. Idiot.‘

Booom_97 said: ‘To discuss a person for his/her appearance is just below the lowest.

‘Everyone decides for himself/herself how to look. You went just went below the lowest.


‘Sexist. Who told you which two main functions a woman has?!‘

Milahvorostovskaya told him: ‘It is just horrific, how it is possible to insult the girl publicly?

‘Obviously you was not taught in the childhood to respect other people!

‘Maybe it is OK for her to have such weight or she has health problems, what is your business? You used drugs and still try to teach.‘

Topalov rose to fame in Russia as a peroxide blond heartthrob in hit group Smash! Which broke up 12 years ago.

He became a prominent member of the youth wing of Putin‘s United Russia Party, then called the Young Guard.

But in 2008, aged 22, he admitted he had been snorting cocaine and taking ecstasy pills for years.

He confessed: ‘The most terrible period is over now, and I am happy I have mustered up my will (to fight drug addiction).‘

He suffered temporary kidney failure, fell out with his father and his drug abuse was a reason for the break-up of a popular singing duet, he said.