Seth Rogen asks Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande to stop flirting

‘Guys, seriously.‘ Seth Rogen calls for Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande to stop openly flirting on Instagram – but the SNL star fires back to boast about ‘marrying the hottest girl in the world‘

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been flirting openly on social media — and the puppy love is nowhere near over, if the comedian is to be believe.

Pete, 24, took to Instagram on Thursday to share a sultry photo of his fiancee, also 24, curving her back as she leans towards the ground, dressed in white lingerie.

‘What the actual f**k,‘ Pete wrote in the caption next to a heart-eyed emoji, in a clear mark of appreciation for the singer‘s physique.

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Ariana replied in a smitten comment of her own, telling Pete: ‘I love you.‘

The romantic back-and-forth didn‘t stop there, since Pete responded: ‘I love u more tho.‘

While Ariana and Pete‘s comments generated tens of thousands of likes each, one person decided to intervene to ask the two lovebirds to reign in their gushy comments.

Undeterred: Seth didn‘t convince Pete to stop raving about Ariana

Seth Rogen, 36, told the pair: ‘Guys seriously.‘

The comedian has hosted Saturday Night Live three times, but all his hosting gigs preceded Pete‘s arrival on the show in September 2014. 

Pete didn‘t look the least fazed by Seth‘s comment, and simply told his fellow comedian: ‘When ur getting married to the hottest girl in the world you tell me how you‘d act.‘ 

Earlier this week, Pete finally confirmed his engagement to Ariana in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on NBC‘s .

The late night host put Pete on the spot Wednesday, telling him he didn‘t have to get engaged to the pop star to come on the talk show.

Pete thus replied: ‘But I did, though.‘

When Jimmy congratulated him and shook his hand, Pete said he felt like he‘d ‘won a contest‘.

‘It‘s so sick. It‘s f*****g lit, Jimmy,‘ he gushed. ‘It‘s so lit.‘

He claimed guys have been doffing their caps to him when her walks down the street.

‘You ever see that Derek Jeter commercial when he was, like, retiring and everybody just tips his hat?‘ he said.

‘Some dude came up to me and he was like, “Yo man, you, like, gave me hope.” 

‘I didn‘t know i was that ugly, Jesus! I‘m a lucky motherf****r!‘

Jimmy even suggested the couple get married on his set and Pete went along for a second before clarifying:  ‘That‘s not happening.‘

Pete and Ariana announced in May that they were dating, shortly after Ariana‘s break-up with rapper Mac Miller, and Pete‘s split from writer and actress Cazzie David.

Since then, they‘ve gotten matching tattoos, been photographed on public outings together, and have gotten engaged. 

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