Time travel PROOF? Man claims UK Government sent him on SECRET mission to year 2365

TIME TRAVELLER: The man said he had been to the year 2365

“I can tell you for a fact that time travel does exist within factions of the British Government”

Self-proclaimed time traveller

The man told conspiracy theorists he had been offered more than £175,000 to find out more about the high tech from the future. 

He said: “They (the Government) offered to pay me over €200,000 (£175,270) to take the job, so I thought it was good for my family.”

The man said he saw flying cars and busses and other types of aircraft that were in the sky above. 

He also alleged that buildings in the future were taller and were more slanted than contemporary skyscrapers. 

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    Aliens, robots and humans also apparently lived together in peace. 

    But, while making the extraordinary claims, the bloke said the government was unsure how time travel works – despite apparently sending him to the future. 

    The unnamed man added: “People in the Government aren’t exactly sure how things work, paradoxes can happen. 

    “All they know is that time travel is possible and we’ve figured it out ways of doing it.

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      “I can tell you for a fact that time travel does exist within factions of the British Government.” 

      Some viewers were not convinced by the main’s claims and ridiculed him online. 

      One commenter said: “You flew all the way to Russia for that? 

      “If you’re going to make a time travel story really put some thought into it.”