Yogi Dolly Singh defying body stereotypes

When you picture a yoga class, you expect lean women and men twisting and bending into yoga asanas. You barely visualise a big-bodied woman doing the flow like a thin-bodied one. We assume flexibility and strength won‘t be her forte.
What is more downgrading about this system of body shaming is the mental complexities it brings with it. Still, very few push themselves to stand up against the odds and move forward. Dolly Singh is one such big body woman.

For Dolly, yoga is not an exercise to slim down but rather to challenge her body’s limits. Many still believe that yoga is not for everybody and that they should first lose weight and then focus on flexibility. Dolly is a media professional and yoga enthusiast who only follows this regime for . She believes that yoga is for everybody and anybody!

This plus-sized yogi is defying the typical yoga body03:12
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